Japan Film History Festival

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Sun Aug 23 09:32:25 EDT 1998

Japan Film History Festival

The noted film historian, Tanaka Jun'ichiro, famous for his five volume 
history of Japanese cinema, _Nihon eiga hattatsushi_ (Chuo Koron), 
donated most of his collection of film-related historical materials to 
his home town of Nitta in Gunma Prefecture.  To commemorate that, Nitta 
will be holding a Japan Film History Festival from September 5 to 13 at 
the Nitta-cho Bunka Kaikan.

There will be an exhibition of Tanaka's materials, including letters, 
books, and notes from his long career as a film journalist and historian; 
screenings of some of Tanaka's recommended films, including several with 
benshi accompaniment (such as _Bakudan san'yushi_ (1932) and _Shoshurei_ 
(1931)); and the presentation of a short documentary film on Tanaka made 
especially for this occasion.  On the 5th at 2 pm, Sato Tadao will be 
giving a free opening lecture, "Eigashika Tanaka Jun'ichiro sensei o 

For more information, contact the Nitta-cho Bunka Sports Shinko Jigyodan 
at 0276-57-2222 (fax: 0276-57-2252).

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