A high school teacher

Martin Beck adrenafilm
Sun Aug 23 13:27:00 EDT 1998

I have just finished watching the beautiful drama "A high school teacher" which 
is about the love affair between a very strange school girl and a former rugby 
player who once killed a friend in a match and now wants to hide in a remote 
girl school. It was produced by Toho (probably just for TV) in 1993 and has 
just appeared in HK on VCD and tape.

My question now is: Who is the director? What are the names of the lead actors. 
The guy's face seems familiar but I just can't remember where I've seen him 

Thanks for the help!

Martin Beck
Adrenafilm/ Germany

PS: By the way, the HK version is letterboxed, subtitled and in Stereo.

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