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Fri Aug 28 17:16:59 EDT 1998

Dear Anne

Thank you for your response on kogals.

>An interesting counterpoint to Harada's film might be the film Love & Pop
>that came out about 6 months ago, based off a Murakami Ryu script or novel
>(I can't remember which).  In it the koGAL has a family, and day-trips to

Could you give me/us more precise informations about the film "Love & Pop"?
Who is the director, what's the story about?

>Murakami's discussion of the way kids are getting various bad raps which
>quite closely resemble the contours of economic viscissitudes & desires of
>their parents is quite interesting, in Sabishii kuni no satsujin (Murder in
>a Lonely Country, available in a bi-lingual edition with CG by the author
>himself!  The title refers to the Kobe Sakakibara murder of last year.)

Sorry, I don't know what "CG" is. Where can I find the bilingual edition?
Is "Sabishii kuni no satsujin" a film or a book?

Thank you already for your help

Best regards


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