2 Kato Tai films

Steve Spinali spinali at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 5 13:56:55 EST 1998

>Dear Kinejapan-members
>Has anybody seen the following two KATO Tai films?
>Hibotan bakuto - hanafuda shobu
>Red Peony Gambler - Flower Cards Match
>Hibotan bakuto - oryu sanjo
>Red Peony Gambler - Oryu's Visit
>I've seen one of the two films some one and a half year ago and in my 
>I wrote I have seen the first Red Peony (Flower Cards Match), but after
>reading the Locarno and the American Cinematheque descriptions I think 
>rather the other one, Oryu's visit.
>Can anybody tell me more about them?
>Could she or he contact me?
>Thanks a lot in advance+best regards
>roger fischer

I believe I've both seen and have notes for both Tai Kato films you 
mentioned.  Anything in particular you need?

Steve Spinali

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