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Mark Schilling schill
Fri Dec 4 00:24:13 EST 1998

From: Mark Schilling <schill at>
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Subject: ACCJ article
Date: Friday, December 04, 1998 

To Aaron and anyone curious about my sources for the ACCJ article -- I
based it primarily on interviews with old-timers working for the major US
distributors, all of whom I quoted at least once in the text. Also, with
the help of Asia Ireton, the editor of Movie & TV Marketing, I was able to
get priceless info from mid-fifties issues of the magazine, which her
father Glenn Ireton founded during the Occupation days as Far East Film

Another source was "Kinema Junpo Eiga 40 Nen Zenkiroku," a 1986 Kinema
Junpo publication that I borrowed from a friend at Sony Pictures. Finally,
I referred to chapter on foreign film distribution in Japan in a
four-decade-old book on popular culture that I found at the Press Club
library. The title, I'm afraid, escapes me.   

Mark Schilling

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