An introduction

Hans Wadsten dubl
Sun Dec 13 06:42:04 EST 1998

Hello all fans of Japanese movies,

I recently got to know about this list through a Japanese friend of mine
and I immediately decided to subscribe. My name is Hans Wadsten, I live
in western Sweden (on an island outside of Gothenburg), and I am 21
years old.

For just over three months now I've been studying Japanese at the
University of Gothenburg and I enjoy it to the fullest. I'm planning on
studying for at least two years and then I think I'll move to Japan for
a while to see what I think of that lifestyle. If I like it, and I think
I will, I might stay there.

I've been interested in movies for many years and in Asian movies for a
couple of years. About a year ago I and two friends tried to start a
magazine on Asian movies and movie-making... We released one issue and
had enough material for a second one, but the financial pressure was too
tough and we could not proceed. Before I started studying I was working
in a video store that imports movies, among them some Japanese ones, but
the choice was still very limited.

So to the movies that I like or even love: My definite favorite is
Takashi Ishii's Gonin, which I think has it all. I also love Takeshi
Kitano's films. I've seen four of them (Sono Otoko Kyobo ni Tsuki, 3-4x
Jugatsu, Sonatine and Hana-Bi) and am screaming for the other three! I
like the Kurosawa-movies I've seen as well... But the truth is that it's
very hard to come by Japanese movies here in Sweden, and I would very
much like suggestions on where I could turn to find some. One source is
the annual film festival here in Gothenburg, the last one in which I saw
Kokkuri-san, Postman Blues and Labyrinth of Passion.

I've got some Japanese stuff on my homepage in case you want to have to
have a look. The URL is and there is a separate
Japanese page as well as some texts for the unpublished second issue of
our magazine in the Texts page.

This mailing list seems perfect for me and I hope to have interesting
discussions in the future with all of you!


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