ICC Tokyo

stephen sarrazin stephens
Sun Dec 13 12:08:48 EST 1998

As a regular contributor to InterCommunication magazine, writing on film
and media art, and a regular visitor to the ICC Center, I can only
praise the relevance of their efforts. As an exhibition space, the ICC
Center is already well known internationally, and contemporary media
artists are usually extremely receptive to idea of having their work
shown there. Attendance for the different shows they've organized over
the last 2 years has been excellent.
As a networking institution it is a crucial partner in the on-going
debate around digital art & culture. Key members of InterCommunication
are often present at most major contemporary art shows, or new media
If you have more questions,please ask.

Stephen Sarrazin

head of new media program, ESEC, Paris
lecturer Paris VIII University

ps: would like to take this opportunity to also respond to something
that come up on the list a couple of weeks ago, concerning dramas and
the use of voice-over.I'm working on a book in part of which I'm
discussing dramas- and having looked at scripts & productions notes, one
of the main reasons for voice-over is to diminish production costs and
accelerate the shoot; much quicker to do a camera set-up with an actor
sitting here or there, or moving, whatever, without saying lines, and do
voice-over afterwards. It's a lesson Wong Kar Wai has learned well,
transforming it into a subtle new exploration of a 'stream of
consciousness' kind of thing... By the way, does anyone have a vhs copy
of the Motorola commercials he did with Asano tadanobu? thnks for any

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