New Godzilla News

Abe-Nornes amnornes
Tue Dec 15 20:05:19 EST 1998

"TOKYO (Reuters) - Perhaps the Japanese weren't happy with the
way Hollywood revived Godzilla. Three years after killing off the
giant lizard in a battle with another monster, the Toho Company
studio said Monday it would start work on "Godzilla Millennium" in
April. The Godzilla films, which began in 1955 with an actor in a
rubbery suit clumsily ravaging a miniature Tokyo skyline, became
cult classics. The recent Hollywood version used computer
graphics to depict the creature. "The shape of the American
version of Godzilla was so different from the Japanese version that
there was a clamor among fans and company officials to create a
Godzilla unique to Japan," a Toho spokesman said."

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