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Tue Dec 15 19:44:00 EST 1998

Joss Winn wrote:

> Hello,
> A couple of questions folowing my recent inquiry into censorship laws in Japan.
> I recently received a superb film which although it got into the country
> without any problems, I am still wondering whether I should show it.

Have you talked to Asai Takashi of Uplink ? He described how he ran into trouble
on importing Jarman's Last of England for similar reasons in his DICE magazine
(issue No9, April 1995). He eventually headed for confrontations with the
authorities, mostly successful, sometimes not...somehow I cannot relocate his
meishi right now, however. Someone else who could be useful is Suzuki Akihiro of
Stance Co., fax 03-3839-0982.

Personally, I'm a bit at loss with Customs. Last year, most distribs said that
Customs wouldn't do much trouble anymore, and that Eirin was more serious to deal
with. I can't place the Wakayama Fest's incident with that, however, in which a
shot of Chinese workers in a shower in a documentary on Dutch rule in Batavia was
censored for displaying genitalia, whereas a shot of dancing natives doing the
same was not (I hope I get this right, I was only told this story). Does anyone in
the Forum have an idea on the current tide in Custom's inspection ?

Udo Helms
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