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Wed Dec 16 10:52:31 EST 1998

Aaron Gerow schrieb:

> >Hmm, weisetsu eh? I could've sworn it started with a 'B' sound
> Maybe you were thinking of "bokashi," the practive of clouding up the
> image in the crucial parts?

Now that you say that, I guess that's what's meant. There's a very good
article on this subject in the March 1993 issue of the now obsolete
Japan International Journal called Blurred Vision by Mark Cote.

By the way, it's waisetsu with a. I guess the Italics gave the
impression of weisetsu. To say something else about this term: Art. 175
was derived from Art. 184 of the German Imperial Penal Code (1871-1945),
and the German term was Unzucht, which actually means "vice". One could
therefore argue that the ambiguity of this term is based on its limited
correspondence to the original German term, for which no more
appropriate term could be found -or, in other words, waisetsu as a legal
term came into being by a translation error.

And I've found Asai's meishi. Uplink's fax (Asai is the president) is
03-5489-0754. I've got his e-mail as well, but I don't know whether it's
not a violation of netiquette if I put it here (could the administrators
help me out on this point? I guess that it's actually OK, but I  don't
want to offend anyone).

One more question to Aaron. You mentioned Image Forum, and that they
usually have no problems with the grosser stuff they screen. However,
we've had one of their prods here at the Berlin Film Fest this year,
Kichiku Dai Enkai, and it was repeatedly claimed in context with this
definitely hard-to-swallow picture that exhibition in Japan was possible
only under the condition that a doctor would be present during all
screenings. Some friends have told me, however, that this was not true,
so I'd like to ask you if you've heard anything about this.

Good Luck,
                              Udo Helms
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