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Mark Schilling schill
Thu Dec 17 08:19:41 EST 1998

From: Mark Schilling <schill at gol.com>
To: KineJapan at lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
Re: Top 20 films released in Japan in 1998
Date: December 17, 1998

The following is a 1998 top 20 box office list I compiled for Screen
International, with figures supplied by Kogyo Tsushin. Eight Japanese films
appear in the top 20 (actually 21). In France, the domestic film industry
was able to place only three films in the top 20, in Germany, two, in
Italy, four, in the UK, three, in Australia, zero, in Brazil, one, and in
Canada, two. No figures from Asia, unfortunately. 

Mark Schilling

Title/ Distributor/ Distributor revenue 
1. Titanic (US), Fox Y16.5 b
2. Deep Impact (US), UIP Y4.65 b
3. Pocket Monsters (Jap), Toho, Y4.13 b
4. Men In Black (US), Sony Y3.5 b 
5. Odoru Daisosasen (Jap), Toho,Y3.0 b
6. Godzilla (US), Toho Y2.9 b
7. Saving Private Ryan (US), UIP, Y2.7 b
8. Doraemon Nankai no Daiboken (Jap), Toho, Y2.1 b
9. Air Force One (US), Buena Y2.0 b
10. City of Angels (US), Warner Y1.7 b
11. Man In the Iron Mask (US), UIP Y1.6 b
12. Seven Years In Tibet (US), Shochiku-Fuji/Herald Y1.55 b
13. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (Jap), Toho, Y1.4 b
14. Lethal Weapon 4 (US), Warner, 1.25 b
15. Mr. Bean (US), Gaga/Humax, Y1.15 b
16. Face/Off (US), Buena, Y1.15 b
17. Fuyajo (Jap), Toei, Y1.1 b 
18. Pride Unmei no Shunkan (Jap), Toei Y1.1 b
19. Jackal (US) Toho Towa, Y1.1 b
20. Meitantei Konan 14 Banme no Hyoteki (Jap), Toho, Y1.05 b
20. Mothra 2 Kaitei no Daikessen (Jap) Toho, Y1.05 b

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