New member searches specific film: death on the mountain

Arnault CASTEL acastel
Mon Dec 21 02:49:33 EST 1998

The movie you're mentioning is _the Ballad of Narayama_
Dir : Imamura Shohei
Cat : Ogata Ken, Sakamoto Sumiko
Aki Takeshiro
It won a Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

I think this custom was also mentioned in a Mishima Yukio book but I
completely forgot which one. Could anyone help me on this ?

Another question. I recently saw some Imamura movies at a retrospective in
Hong Kong, including _My second brother_ (Nianchan), _the endless desire_
(Hatehinaki Yokubo) and _Pigs and battleships_ (Buta to gunkan).

An actor called Nagato Hiroyuki was playing in all three movies and I've
been rather impressed by his performance. He basically played the same
charcater of someone in between childhood and adulthood, with aspirations
towards stability but who always refuses to fit the mould of post-war
Japanese society. It strongly reminded me of a Japanese- tindrum soldier.

I wanted to know if you have further information on this actor. Did he play
in other movies later (Imamura's or not). And I would like to have your
opinion on the role of infantile characters in Japanese cinema ?

Sorry if my questions are a bit sloppy but I'm also not a scholar and
stopped my studies far too early!


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