Le monde des vieillards seniles /HANEDA Sumiko

Anne McKnight amck
Mon Dec 21 08:27:19 EST 1998

Just a quick note to say that one of the films mentioned by Antoine
Killian, *Le monde des vieillards seniles (Chihosei Rojin no Sekai*
(1986) is playing at a series of Haneda Sumiko's films, being put on at
the Saitama Arts Center on weekends from 16 Jan to 14 Feb.  Given the
recent demise of Iwanami Productions, and from what I could tell the
possibility of some films going missing, it might be a good chance to
see some of her stuff, which as far as I  know, is rarely screened. 
Maybe people who have been around Yamagata might have a better idea of
what's going on with her project, or its more general place within
Thematically, I note several on kabuki in the 90s, and several about
social planning by/for the elderly spotted throughout.  No web address
listed, but a Pia should probably do, as they are selling tickets as
well -- the site is Saitama Arts Theatre/???????????,

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