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Fri Dec 25 09:06:13 EST 1998


KineJapan members can purchase both volumes of "The Asian Film Library 
Reference to Japanese Film 1998" at the reduced price of 20,000 yen 
(individuals) or 40,000 yen (libraries and organisations) for the set.  
This includes postage by surface and air respectively.  [Individuals 
outside Europe requiring faster delivery should add 4,000 yen to cover 
additional air mail costs.]  The price to non-KineJapan subscribers is 
50% higher in the new year.

Customers based in Japan can make payment by bank transfer in yen to 
account number 0900710 held at the Tamagawa-siten branch of Tokyo-
Mitsubishi Bank.  The registered name of the account is "Asian Film 
Library" (in katakana).  Alternatively yen cheques (made payable to 
this account) or yen currency (by registered mail) can be sent to:

The Asian Film Library (Tokyo)
c/o Mitsuki Norie
1-33-40 Kitami
Fax: +81 3 3749 6032

Customers outside Japan should make payments of 100 pounds sterling 
(individuals) or 200 pounds sterling (libraries & organisations) by 
bank transfer to "The Asian Film Library": account number 64165019, 
held at Mitcham Branch [Sort Code: 60-14-31] of Natwest Bank, UK.  
Alternatively, sterling cheques or currency (by registered mail) can 
be sent to:

The Asian Film Library (London)
Suite 19, 2 Landsdowne Row
Berkeley Square
London W1X 8HL
United Kingdom
Fax: +44 171 493 4935 [Suite 19]

Customers will receive a free supplement in the spring which brings 
the work up-to-date to with an additional 60+ films released in 1998 
and 1999.  Free customer support is also provided by e-mail.

If you have any queries, pleae don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail, 
fax or phone: +44 7970 506 326.  If this all sounds hideously 
expensive, I'm sorry.  Books are printed as orders are received with 
costs running at around 10,000 yen per set.  Please understand that it 
is a very specialised work in progress which has been developed over 
five years without funding.

As comments on the mailing list and the Richie review has indicated, 
this is not a comprehensive reference work to the history of Japanese 
cinema.  Over the 650 pages the two volumes do, however, include 
pretty much every films shown, known, or talked about outside Japan 
and a very wide range of work that hasn't been, with a strong emphasis 
given to contemporary film and independent cinema.

Stephen Cremin
The Asian Film Library
[The London Pan-Asian Film Festival]


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