FW: To Arron

Miyabear@aol.com Miyabear
Thu Dec 31 18:43:43 EST 1998

I can't state categorically why Fine Line changed the title of Shunji Iwai's
"Love Letter" to "When I Close My Eyes," but I can guess at least three
(1)  There's been a very popular play performed in New York, Los Angeles and
other cities entitled "Love Letters," and perhaps they wanted to avoid any
(2)  There was a recent television movie either called "Love Letter" or "The
Love Letter."
(3)  "Love Letter" sounds somewhat generic, perhaps overly familiar, and even
a little dull to American ears.  Perhaps Fine Line wanted something a little
more distinct.  Frankly, I'm just pleased that the film is receiving
distribution at all, considering how few new Japanese movies are now seen in
the United States.
Michael Singer

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