Yasui Yoshio's anime book E+J

Aaron Gerow gerow at ynu.ac.jp
Wed Apr 21 22:28:07 EDT 1999

>Does anyone out there have the bibliographic data for Yasui Yoshio's book
>on anime history?

Are you referring to the one Planet helped publish?  Yasui-san only 
edited the book, he did not write it.  Anyway, the reference is:

Yamaguchi Katsunori and Watanabe Yasushi. _Nihon animeshon 
eigashi_ (Osaka: Yubunsha, 1977).


By the way, what do people think about the use of the word "anime"?  This 
book is not, in my mind, about anime--that's why they use the word 
_animeshon_.  It includes many non-cel animation forms which do not, in 
any way, come under the rubric "anime."  "Anime," in my mind, refers to a 
particular historical genre of Japanese cel animation that took form 
beginning in the 1970s (thus it would be difficult to call prewar works 
"anime"), but defining that is difficult.  Anyone have different 
definitions?  Thoughts?

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