Definition of Anime

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Thu Apr 22 16:41:19 EDT 1999

> There are many of us on the list who cannot access usenet groups outside
> of Japan or their individual country, so I think it would be of interest
> to many to hear what these arguments are.

You're not missing much.  Basically it goes like this:

Anime is animation from Japan.

Well, what about animation produced in other countries that still keep the
Japanese style (ie., production work sent to Korea or other asian countries,
or there have also been some arguments about Korean anime/manga being the
'real thing')

Maybe that's anime, too.  But it has to be 'that style' (drawing style in

But what about other stuff from Japan that doesn't fit that style (Crayon
Shin-chan or older anime)?

I think the argument is kind of pointless.  To me, anime is just cartoons.
Sure, they may be different in Japan, as far as style or content, than in
America.  But even in Japan there are hundreds of styles and ways of doing
it.  Just like in manga or American comics or even film or music, every
artist has his/her own style or way of doing things, even though it's all
the same genre.

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