Three films: Has anybody seen them

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Thu Apr 22 16:57:58 EDT 1999

Has anybody seen one of this films and could he or she comment them
briefly? Or direct me to other sources?
Could you also say something about the quality of the films made? Are the
two films rather mainstream or more "auteurish"?
Thank you very much

Rajio no jikan ( Japan 1997) 
Directed by Koki Mitani    
 Also Known As: 
Radio no jikan 
Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 

As I don't nobody better to turn to as this list, I am expanding the field
to a nonjapanese film made by a Hongkong director.

Wisdom of Crocodiles, The (GB 1998) 
Directed by Po-Chih Leong    
With: Jude Law and Elina Löwensohn
Po-Chih Leong is a former Hongkong director. I don't know him. Do you?

Thanks for any information. Naturally it is very urgent, as usual.

Best regards

Roger Fischer



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