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Thu Apr 22 23:01:58 EDT 1999

About the French-japanese movie TOKYO EYES (1998, 1h 30mn)

Tokyo Eyes was shown in Cannes last year and released in France in sept, 98. It's a movie by a french film director, Jean-Pierre Limosin, entirely shot in Japan with japanese actors, including a small part with Beat Takeshi himself... The main male character, K., just shoots anybody who behaves badly, and is more or less in love with the young shampoo-girl Himano. The film is a french-japanese coproduction ; the director is well-known in France for his documentaries on filmmakers Alain Cavalier or Abbas Kiarostami, and, interestingly, doesn't speak or understand japanese, but that didn't stop him from directing this "floating" movie (because he was lost himself in a foreign country, without his marks, as he explains in an interview), entirely shot in steadycam.

You can find more about the film in french newspapers, I guess, such as or if you can read french...

I can't tell you much more as I haven't seen the film : I live in Kyoto, but the film seems to have been shown in Tokyo only so far.

Hope this was helpful, antoine kilian

PS : notice for Stephen Cremin : in your dictionary, this performance of Kitano as an actor is not listed... yet.

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