Self Introduction

Don, Communicado don
Wed Apr 7 10:59:39 EDT 1999

Hajimemashite.  My name is Don Brown and I'm way down here in Auckland, New Zealand.  Who knows, there's probably other kiwis on this list, so I guess it's arrogant of me to assume I'm the first.  Anyway, I'm 25 and I work at a television production company as a production assistant/writer/researcher/monkey boy.  I stumbled upon the KineJapan home page while looking up info on Japanese film, and enjoyed reading the reviews of films I probably won't get a chance to see until I head over to Japan again.  I speak a bit of Japanese, and I'm currently awaiting the results of my JET programme application.  If successful I'll be heading over to Japan in July to work as a Co-ordinator for International Relations, but ostensibly I'll be going to see as many movies as I can (I have my priorities right!).  I've seen just about every Japanese movie that's appeared in Auckland over the last decade (which isn't really that many actually) because there's something about it that drags me in.  I'm very interested in Japanese culture and society in general, but movies are my biggest love.  Whenever I meet someone from Japan I always ask "Do you like Japanese movies?" and they always answer with dreary predictability, "Not really".  My favourite director would have to be the obvious choice - Akira Kurosawa - and recently, Ishii Sogo.  "Angel Dust" and "August In The Water" would have to be my favourites of recent years.  Anyway, I'd love to hear from any like minded souls out there.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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