Japanese movie theaters

B Dunn bdunn
Fri Apr 16 22:26:24 EDT 1999

I was just wondering about something.  I know that going to see a movie in Japan can be pretty expensive, sometimes around $20.  I was just wondering if anyone knows why this is.  In America theaters, for the most part, make a large chunk of their money off of concessions, while the movie companies reap most of the profits of the ticket sales (how much of a percentage depends on the theater).  So are movies in Japan expensive because the theaters are organized differently?  Or is it because people don't really buy stuff like soda or popcorn or candy? So do theaters have to rely on ticket sales for profits?
Or are movies expensive because not as many people go to see them in Japan?  (Note all of this is just speculation -- I am just trying to come up with an answer on this)

Any thoughts on this topic?

Brian Dunn
bdunn at netmagic.net
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