Lost Paradise

B Dunn bdunn
Mon Apr 19 01:52:00 EDT 1999

> Did any KineJapan readers catch the official Korean remake of Morita's
> "Lost Paradise" starring Shim Hye-Jin?  I hear it was pretty
> disappointing, although I didn't really care for the original.

Do you mean "Shitsurakuen" ?  I saw the "Paradise Lost"  translated as
"Shitsurakuen" somewhere (not the movie), and I forgot who directed
"Shitsurakuen."  Anyway, if that's the movie you are talking about, I didn't
care much for it, either.  I didn't like "Unagi" much either, which also
received quite a few awards.  Guess I just have a weird sense of taste -- I
even like Shunji Iwai, who I have heard isn't too popular in some circles.

Brian Dunn
bdunn at netmagic.net

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