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stephen sarrazin stephens
Mon Apr 19 04:16:17 EDT 1999

Again my apologies to the list for using the "reply to" much too
quickly...and to Stephen Cremin.

Will take this opportunity however to gives members a new e-mail
address: stephensarra at

I am leaving for Tokyo on May 5th for a rather long stay and if there
are any list members interested in making contact over there, please let
me know. I'm going over largely for research for a book, to be published
if France next year.

My remarks to Stephen Cremin on the Korean films were in regards to the
outstanding work he does with the Pan-Asian film festival, in which he
proposes a fascinating dialogue between cinematographies
between neighboring Asian cultures. As in the case of the Korean films I
mentionned in my private message, while the Japanese and Hong Kong
influences are clearly present, there are too few opportunities, in a
city like Paris for instance, to have access to such films, which
clearly reveal a whole other side to Korean film making. 
As for my remark about Kitano, he's clearly one of the favorites for a
major prize in Cannes this year, where access to him will undoubtedly
bein the form of junkets.

Again, apologies to S.Cremin.

Stephen Sarrazin

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