Definition of Anime

Lang Thompson wlt4
Thu Apr 22 19:28:59 EDT 1999

>Frankly, given the great ignorance I have seen in discussions of anime of 
>the myriad of forms of animation in Japan, I wonder if the debate has in 
>fact proceeded enough.

It's often seemed that the view of anime (& manga) in the US has been
distorted by what the fan mentality has chosen to import and distribute.
How true is this?  How much broader is it in Japan?

>There are many of us on the list who cannot access usenet groups outside 
>of Japan or their individual country, so I think it would be of interest 
>to many to hear what these arguments are.

Most newsgroups can be read over the Web at Dejanews or Remarq, though not
as efficiently to my thinking and definitely much slower.
Lang Thompson

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