Mizoguchi's "Miss Oyu"

Peter Grilli pmg14 at columbia.edu
Thu Dec 23 13:56:33 EST 1999

Dear KineJapan Members:
For a series of films by Kenji Mizoguchi that the Donald Keene Center of
Japanese Culture will present at Columbia University next
February-March,  I am seeking an English-subtitled print of  Mizoguchi's
1951 film "Miss Oyu"  (Oyu-sama).
Does anyone know where an English-titled  print of  "Miss Oyu" can be
obtained, preferably in the U.S. or Canada, but -- failing that --
I'd appreciate any information on this.

Peter Grilli
Directore, Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture
507 Kent Hall, Columbia University
New York, NY  10027
Tel:  (212) 854-5036
Fax:  (212) 854-4019
E-mail:  pmg14 at columbia.edu

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