24th Hochi Film Awards

Aaron Gerow gerow
Wed Dec 1 20:31:30 EST 1999

The awards season has begun in Japan.  The 24th Hochi Film Awards for 
1999 (given by the Sports Hochi newspaper) were announced this week.  The 
results are:

Best film: Jubaku (dir. Harada Masato)
Best Actor: Miura Tomokazu (M/Other, etc.)
Best Actress: Fubuki Jun (Jubaku, etc.)
Best Supporting Actor: Shiina Kippei (Jubaku, etc.)
Best Supporting Actress: Fuji Junko (aka Sumiko) (A, Haru, etc.)
Best Director: not given
Best New Face: Ikewaki Chizuru (for acting in Osaka Monogatari), Shiota 
Akihiko (for directing Moonlight Whispers, etc.)

I wonder why they decided not to give the best director award this year.

You can check out the comments in Japanese by the receipients at the 
Hochi home page:


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