Perfect Blue review

Shelly Silver silvernyc
Sat Dec 4 08:14:20 EST 1999

At 01:25 AM 12/4/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>I believe one of the best things about Perfect Blue is that it gets into
>areas that you just don't usually get in most anime; suspense,
>murder-mystery, 'psychological horror' and all of this in a modern-day,
>normal, setting.

I agree w/this, it also had some wonderful bits of animation (I remember in
particular her skipping/floating alter-ego).  But in the end it didn't
really come together for me as a film, or should I say I was left thinking
more about the underlying violence against women/fear of women thing.  I'm
not saying this to critique it or to throw the film out the window, more to
point to it.  Somehow it fascinated me.  I think in many ways to an earlier
non-anime film Angel Dust, the obvious difference being that in Angel Dust
the villain in control was a man.  That won.

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