_Annyong Kimchi_ update

Abe' Mark Nornes amnornes
Sun Dec 5 22:03:19 EST 1999

I was talking to Sato Tadao the other day, and he told me an interesting
tidbit about young director Matue. As his teacher, Sato was justifiably
proud of what _Annyong Kimchi_ accomplished. We talked about the strength of
seeing beyond the strictures of the previous generation's political
positions, but also the limitations of Matsue's own vision (as has
previously been discussed on KineJapan, Matsue's insistence on being
"nonpoli" blinds him to what he's actually accomplishing and what he's
avoiding by default).

Sato told me that Matsue is making a Part Two that will confront Matsue with
this very issue. Apparently, his sister decided to get married, but the
traditional mechanisms of institutionalized racism are kicking in. I look
foward to what happens in this new film!


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