Grovelling for Help, and Introduction

Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Dec 16 03:34:55 EST 1999

>Anna Caggiano's plea for help has inspired me to do my holiday mitzvah. I
>called Shochiku, the distrbutor, and they put me in touch with Kaigai Kigyo
>Service Center, who can fill the order for an East Meets West video. I can
>either fax the order form they sent me, or you can contact them by phone
>(81-3-5405-4421), fax (81-3-5405-4423) or e-mail (kodawari at

Do be forewarned, however, that Shochiku lists the film on their web site 
for a price of 16000 yen, or about 170 dollars.

Make sure to confirm the price before ordering.

Aaron Gerow

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