Latest Box Office for Japanese Films in Korea

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Wed Dec 22 08:34:28 EST 1999

On its debut week, Nakata Hideo's Japanese version of RING had only 33,000 
attendees in Seoul.  Meanwhile, on its fourth week of release, attendance 
for Iwai Shunji's LOVE LETTER increased by 50% to 150,000 (in Seoul).  
Korean psycho-thriller TELL ME SOMETHING, released one week prior to Iwai's 
1995 film, is fizzling out with just 30,000 attendees (in Seoul) in its 
fifth week.  Which means that a wonderful little film called ATTACK THE GAS 
STATION! will actually hold the #2 slot at this year's Korean box office 
over SWIRI, #3 overall after THE MUMMY (USA).  And LOVE LETTER is now 
OFFICIALLY in the top ten box office of the year for all commercial releases 
and still going strong.  Fingers crossed that Shu Kei and Iwai will make a 
lot of money out of APRIL STORY.

Stephen Cremin
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