Odoru Daisosasen, etc.

John Dougill dougill at mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp
Mon Jan 11 04:47:23 EST 1999

Many thanks to Mark Schilling for his exhaustive reply to my comments.  Not
only do I now have a better grip on Odoru Daisosasen, which I may well go
to see again, but on reflection I am persuaded by the force of his
arguments concerning quality and quantity.  The comments about Alan Booth
seemed right on the mark too, and I am glad to see my own high esteem for
his writing echoed by others on the list.

I shall retire now to go and watch Overtime on television, which by an odd
coincidence (well, perhaps not so odd given the extreme recycling of
Japanese actors) stars amongst others Ishida Yuriko of Odoru Daisosasen.
(Incidentally on the subject of recycling, has anyone ever worked out just
exactly how does Beat Takeshi manage to square appearing on television
every single day, even twice a day sometimes, with writing, directing,
acting, and even doing the paintings for his own films, never mind the
interviews and publicity etc.?)

John Dougill

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