censorship in translations (was: anime recommendations wanted)

etoile crsg at alcor.concordia.ca
Mon Jan 25 17:48:37 EST 1999

There is a great surrealist story by Otomo Katsuhiro in the Memories film
anthology that was released a few years ago that you might also want to
check out.

Slightly off topic but since people on this list seem to know more than
anybody else about Japanese pop culture, I'd like to ask if anyone knows
to which point mangas and anime are censored when exported abroad
(probably because cartoons are still considered a primarily child-oriented
medium in the West). I know that the erotic scenes in the Ghost in the
Shell manga were cut out and that the dialogues of Dragonball's English
version have been changed (I'm thinking of the 'granpa's balls' scene of
the first volume - that was restored for the French version) but I'm
not sure of the level at which this occurs in anime. 

After watching the subtitled version of Mononoke Hime, I couldn't help but
wonder if Disney wouldn't censor the arm-ripping scene that happens in the
first few minutes of the movie...

Thanks for your insights,

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