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Regarding Aaron's query about Japanese films that became TV shows, I can
think of two off the top of my head. One is Toei's Mito Komon film series,
which generated 14 episodes from 1954 to 1961. It might be argued, however,
that the connection with the long-running TV show was not direct, since it
did not start until 1969. 

The second is "Nagare Ita Shichinin" (Seven Wandering Cooks), a  1997 Toei
film directed by Izumi Seiji and starring Matsukata Hiroki that was
recycled as a TV series as part of an ill-fated "multi-media" strategy.

Another example of this strategy in action was "P*A*T*E*O," a 1992 mystery
thriller produced by Shochiku and Fuji TV. It was shot in three parts --
the first two were broadcast on Fuji TV and the third was released in
Shochiku theaters. This odd experiment generated loads of publicity for
producer Okuyama Kazuyoshi, but the box office results didn't encourage any
one to try it again. 

Mark Schilling

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