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Lang Thompson wlt4
Tue Jan 5 15:38:44 EST 1999

>I think the solution is information, which is a control issue.  
>Outside of "Variety" and "The Japan Times", where do you read about 
>these films?  If they don't feature a cute actress (preferably Saeki 
>Hinako) or special effects, they won't be mentioned on the Internet 
>Movie Database.  

The IMDB is an open database so if we're concerned that only certain
Japanese (or any kind of) films are listed then we can add them.  Obviously
it's too time consuming to do on a broad basis but I try to add titles and
other info whenever I run across them.  It's certainly become much better:
I remember the days when it listed every single Bela Lugosi film but lacked
large chunks of Reagan's filmography.
Lang Thompson

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