1998 KineJun Best 10

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>Kinema Junpo Best Ten 1998
>01. Hana-bi [dir. Kitano Takeshi]
>02. Begging for Love (Ai o kou hito) [dir. Hirayama Hideyuki]
>03. Give It All (Ganbatte ikimasshoi) [dir. Isomura Itsumichi]
>04. Dr Akagi (Kanzo Sensei) [dir. Imamura Shohei]
>05. CURE [dir. Kurosawa Kiyoshi]
>06. A Class to Remember III (Gakko III) [dir. Yamada Yoji]
>07. DOG RUN (Inu, hashiru) [dir. Sai Yoichi]
>08. The Goofball (Orokamono, kizudarake no tenshi) [dir: Sakamoto 
>09. Shigure no ki [dir. Sawai Shinichiro]
>10. Kizuna [dir. Negishi Kichitaro]
>10. The Bird People of China (Chugoku no chojin) [dir. Miike Takashi]
>Best Director: Hirayama Hideyuki for "Begging for Love" (Ai o kou 
>Best Actor: Emoto Akira for "Dr Akagi" (Kanzo Sensei)
>Best Actress: Harada Mieko for "Begging for Love" (Ai o kou hito)
>Best Supporting Actor: Osugi Ren for "Hana-bi", etc.
>Best Supporting Actress: Otsuna Michiyo for "The Goofball" (Orokamono)
>Best New Actress: Tanaka Rena for "Give It All" (Ganbatte ikimasshoi)
>Best New Actor: Kuroda Yuki for "A Class to Remember III" (Gakko III)
>Big thankyou to Aaron for rushing us the Kinema Junpo Best Ten.  I've 
>annotated it a little with director names, etc, in the hope of 
>eliciting more response from the mailing list.  Of course, the Kinema 
>Junpo polling system is unsatisfactory, but much like the Oscars it 
>has a traditional place.  I'm curious to what extent the foreign 
>recognition of "The Eel" (Unagi) at Cannes and "Hanabi" at Venice 
>helped them reach the number one spot over the last two years.  I 
>guess the law of averages gave Osugi Ren the best shot at "Supporting 
>Actor" while Tanaka Rena, Otsuna Michiyo and Harada Mieko were all 
>predictable for anybody who had the chance to see the films.
>But I'm personally very happy that critics remembered "CURE" (released 
>late December 1997) and that Altamira's "Give It All" (Ganbatte 
>Ikimasshoi) riding so high on the list.  They're handling 
>international sales themselves, so I hope any festival directors on 
>the list will have their curiosity piqued and contact Futami Aya 
>(aya_f at altamira.co.jp) for a preview tape out of curiosity.  Sorry for 
>the plug, but they need the help.
>Stephen Cremin
>The Asian Film Library / London Pan-Asian Film Festival
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Dear Stephen

Cure was already on some European festivals, e.g. Rotterdam and Vienna

Bodo Schoenfelder

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