1998 Kinejun Best 10 (E+J)

Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Jan 7 20:33:48 EST 1999

>I don't know if I'm alone in my situation but if I'm very glad to be able
>to read the Japanese title of movies, I would also like to know what
>they're called in English as theaters here rarely leave the original
>title in their programs or posters and even if my Japanese was as good as
>I wish it was, translations aren't always literal...

Sorry about only giving the Japanese transliterations of the KineJun best 
ten (and thanks to Stephen for providing the English).  I didn't have all 
my reference notes with me at the time, but thought it would be best to 
get the info out quickly.  And heck, it takes enough time typing up all 
this stuff as it is!

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