1998 Best 10

John Dougill dougill
Fri Jan 8 07:33:15 EST 1999

Thanks to Mark Schilling for his fascinating list and amplifications.  A
mere quibble as regards Odoru Daisosasen, where he writes "There are no
explosions, no car chases, no corpses that suddenly return from the dead."
I have to say that Oda Yuji's own 'corpse' returns from the dead in what I
thought was a very effective twist ending as he's being taken to hospital.
There may not be any explosions, but there certainly is lots of blood about
and quite a lot of gun waving too in the movie.  I enjoyed it, though I
can't say I understood how the internet woman subplot hung together with
the kidnapping.   Would Mark Schilling or anyone else on the list be able
to fill me in on this?  And is there an English synopsis available anywhere
that anyone knows about?

John Dougill

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