CDRoms/film posters in Tokyo?

Abe-Nornes amnornes
Sun Jan 10 12:14:28 EST 1999

I bought the PIA CD-ROM. My old paper versions were showing their age, and
decided to "upgrade." As I remember, I could get both foreign and domestic
versions for less money with the disk. But since curiosity drove my
purchase, this could be incorrect. 

Basically, it suffers the problems the paper version does in terms of
coverage, but is easy and quick to use. The main thing I dislike about the
disk is that there is no way to output information as text. That means that
you cannot cut and paste or export text to other software or to, say,
KineJapan inquiries. Even more important, if you want to print something it
comes as an image with all the colored background (which quickly uses up
expensive ink and takes forever). 

The Takeshi extra on the disk is just a multimedia PR thing with a few
quotes, images, and movies from Office Kitano. Nothing terribly


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