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antoine kilian antkill
Mon Jan 11 01:18:32 EST 1999

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999 13:36:32 +0900 Mark Schilling <schill at gol.com> wrote:

"By the time Allan Booth began writing about Japanese film for the Asahi in (correct me if I'm wrong) the early eighties the situation was admittedly dire and he was rightfully disappointed in the quality of much of what he had to endure."

You have been quoting Alan Booth a couple of times lately, I'm a big fan of his writings after reading two of His books (The roads to Sata and Lost Japan), but as I came to Japan after his death, I never got a chance to read any of his film chronicles. Does anyone know if they have been published as well, or is it that the only way to read them is to go to a library in kyoto and check through all ten years of more of the newspaper? I hope not !

Any suggestion welcome. Yours, Antoine Kilian. 

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