Oshima compilation documentary

Roger Fischer roger.fischer
Mon Jan 18 06:47:26 EST 1999

>Could anyone on this list tell me how to get a subtitled copy of this
>documentary?  I've tried BFI, to no avail.

Dear Darrell

Some documentaries from the 100Years-series were edited by the England
based ?Connoisseur Video? (for example the Yin&Yang by Stanley Kwan). 

The french-german ARTE Television showed all films on TV. Maybe you find
out more there. There was also something in the Cahiers du cin?ma about
Oshima's documentary. 

Personnally I am not really fond of it. It seems to me that Oshima tried to
make a almost chronological history of the Japanese cinema (classroom
style) with some personal commentaries here and there. Compared to other
documentaries, it was a disappointment. 

Best regards


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