Blue Ribbon Awards

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Sat Jan 23 07:48:15 EST 1999

On Friday, the winners of the 41st Annual Blue Ribbon Awards were 

Best Film: Hana-bi
Best Director: Kitano Takeshi (Hana-bi)
Best Actor: Kitano Takeshi (Hana-bi)
Best Actress: Harada Mieko (Ai o kou hito (Begging for Love))
Best Supporting Actor: Osugi Ren (Hana-bi, etc.)
Best Supporting Actress: Yo Kimiko (Gakko III (Class to Remember III), 
Best Newcomer: Tanaka Reina (Ganbatte ikimasshoi (Give It All))

The Blue Ribbon Awards are decided by the film reporters for the 7 major 
sports papers.  _Hana-bi's_ quadruple win is only the third in the 
history of the awards.

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