gobbledy appologies

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Sat Jan 23 07:48:26 EST 1999

>I blundered and thought that an email was directly from a friend and
>responded unaware that I was posting this to the list. My only quibble with
>the discussion is the ignorance of more "lowbrow" genre films from chambara
>to horror films. Anyone else out there have an interest in films such as
>FUDOH, SAMURAI FICTION, any films by Shintaru Katsu or Kinji Fukasaku?

Apologies accepted.  I certainly have an interest in KatsuShin and 
Fukasaku, and sometimes hope a little more discussion--even of the 
academic kind--on the two would arise on the list.  When I announced 
Katsu's death on the list way back when, I asked for opinions of him, one 
of the more flamboyant and controversial (as well as, I would argue, 
important) figures in the postwar film world, but got no answers.  Anyone 
have any comments now?

Aaron Gerow

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