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Aaron Gerow gerow
Mon Jan 25 03:35:04 EST 1999

>I've been told that the scripts for Shall We Dance? and The Eel are
>available commercially

The Japanese script for _Shall We Dance?_ is available in the book _Shall 
We dansu? Suo Masayuki no sekai_ published by Waizu Shuppan in 1996.  The 
price is 1500 and the ISBN is 4948735434.  The book features not only the 
script, but interviews with Suo and most of the cast and crew, a 
collection of reviews from when it was released, as well as materials on 
Suo's pink movies, including the script for _Hentai kazoku_.

The Japanese bibliographic information is as follows:

???????????Shall we ????????????????????

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