Kato Tai

Max Schaefer Max.Schaefer at bfi.org.uk
Mon Jul 5 05:18:46 EDT 1999

         A request for pointers: I edit the programme notes at the 
         National Film Theatre in London, where next month we are 
         screening a Kato Tai retrospective (12 films). I am looking 
         for (i) any and all decent writing about Kato in English, and 
         any (ii) sources of extensive credits for his films. (Basic 
         credits are of course available in Stephen Cremin's excellent 
         Asian Film Library reference books, but we *aim* for 
         *complete* credits -- full cast with character names, full 
         crew, copyright date, etc.) I can't read kanji, but finding 
         help with written sources in kanji would at least be slightly 
         more convenient than trying to take everything off the film 
         prints (which is unlikely to be possible) ...
         Any suggestions from kinejapan members would be enormously 
         For those who are interested, the films in the season are:
         Red Peony Gambler: Flower-cards Match (Hibotan Bakuto: 
         Hanafuda Shobu) 1969
         Blood of Revenge (Meiji Kyokyakuden Sandaime Shumei) 1965
         Fightin' Tatsu, the Rickshaw Man (Shafu Yukyoden Kenka Tatsu) 
         Cruel Story of the Shogunate's Downfall (Bakumatsu Zankoku 
         Monogatari) 1964
         Sasuke and his Comedians (aka Brave Records of the Sanada 
         Clan) (Sanada Fu-unroku) 1963
         Tokijiro of Kutsukake - Lone Yakuza (Kutsukake Tokijiro Yukyo 
         Ippiki) 1966
         History of a Man's Face (Otoko no Kao wa Rirekisho) 1966
         Long-Sought Mother (Mabuta no Haha) 1962
         I, the Executioner (Minagoroshi no Reika) 1968
         Red Peony Gambler: O-Ryu's Visit (Hibotan Bakuto: O-Ryu 
         Sanjo) 1970
         Samurai Vagabond (Kaze no Bushi) 1964
         The Ghost of O-Iwa (Kaidan O-Iwa no Borei) 1961
         Apologies for the inevitable typos above that I haven't 
         spotted. The season runs throughout August at the NFT.

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