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Thu Jul 29 16:37:51 EDT 1999

Here is some email from someone with a fascinating project. I would love to
hear any names and ideas anyone has myself. If you post to the list, I'll
pass them on (or his email is below). 



>I am an enthusiast two art forms: motion pictures for one and
>typography/calligraphy for the other. Currently I am doing research for a
>book of mine that brings the two forms together - The design of Main Titles
>in motion pictures.
>One large section will be on Japanese Calligraphic opening sequences and
>main titles and I am addressing you as a connoisseur of Japanese films with
>this somewhat vague question: Do you know of someone who might have
>information on Japanese directors, which have done the calligraphy to their
>Or do you know of someone who could tell me, what the kanji characters are
>that appear in the credits to identify the calligrapher - it is most likely
>the character sho, followed by another character. If I know this, I might be
>able do find out some information myself.
>I am aware, that this note is somewhat strange, but it would be of great
>help to me, if you could drop me a line. Thank you very much!
>Peter Fahrni                                                my e-mail:      
>fahrni at
>17 East 70th Street, Apt. 3A
>New York, NY 10021

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