Kato Tai

Max Schaefer Max.Schaefer
Tue Jul 6 05:43:37 EDT 1999

         Apologies for the garbled junk you may have just received. 
         The email system here practically runs on punchcards. What it 
         should have read was ...
         Many thanks to those who answered by request for Kato Tai 
         pointers. As many responses were sent to the kinejapan list, 
         they didn't always contain the sender's email, which is why 
         I've been unable to respond personally.
         Unfortunately the NFT doesn't yet make its programme 
         available over the web. For those who asked for dates, here 
         they are:
         Red Peony Gambler: Flower-cards Match (Hibotan Bakuto: 
         Hanafuda Shobu) 1969
         	   Wed 4 Aug 6.30 NFT1; Sun 29 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         Blood of Revenge (Meiji Kyokyakuden Sandaime Shumei) 1965
         	   Wed 4 Aug 8.45 NFT1; Sat 21 Aug 8.30 NFT2
         Fightin' Tatsu, the Rickshaw Man (Shafu Yukyoden Kenka Tatsu) 
         	   Thu 5 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         Cruel Story of the Shogunate's Downfall (Bakumatsu Zankoku 
         Monogatari) 1964
         	   Sun 8 Aug 8.45 NFT1; Wed 18 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         Sasuke and his Comedians (aka Brave Records of the Sanada 
         Clan) (Sanada Fu-unroku) 1963
         	   Wed 11 Aug 8.45 NFT1; Mon 23 Aug 8.30 NFT2
         Tokijiro of Kutsukake - Lone Yakuza (Kutsukake Tokijiro Yukyo 
         Ippiki) 1966
         	   Thu 12 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         History of a Man's Face (Otoko no Kao wa Rirekisho) 1966
         	   Sun 15 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         Long-Sought Mother (Mabuta no Haha) 1962
         	   Fri 20 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         I, the Executioner (Minagoroshi no Reika) 1968
         	   Wed 25 Aug 8.45 NFT1; Mon 30 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         Red Peony Gambler: O-Ryu's Visit (Hibotan Bakuto: O-Ryu 
         Sanjo) 1970
         	   Fri 27 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         Samurai Vagabond (Kaze no Bushi) 1964
         	   Sat 28 Aug 4.15 NFT1; Tue 31 Aug 8.30 NFT2
         The Ghost of O-Iwa (Kaidan O-Iwa no Borei) 1961
         	   Sat 28 Aug 8.45 NFT1
         The NFT is on the South Bank, London SE1 8XT.
         Box office: 0171 928 3232.
         You don't have to be a member to buy tickets, but members get 
         the programme booklet every month, advance booking, and 
         cheaper tickets. Membership: 0171 815 1374.

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