Buddhism in Japanese feature film

Michele Faggi msp
Tue Jul 6 15:50:07 EDT 1999

>i just started thinking about this subject-matter, and have briefly
>browsed some of the pertinent literature on religion in film in general,
>but it seems to me that (as is the case so often with religious studies)
>available literature limits its focus to christianity and thereby
>neglects a lot of things, methodologically as well as content-wise. i
>realize that these are very preliminary questions, but hopefully someone
>on this list will have something to say on this ...

Hi, i'm not an expert in matter, but i'm really interested on it.

at this moment my memory has found some movies by king-hu (chinese) that mix
vary genre of occidental cinema, but in a new way.
They has a very complex structure and i think they was one of the first
to renew the martial arts tradition.
The two films i know  are:

(Hsia nu (1969) 
.... aka Touch of Zen, A (1969) 


Shan-chung ch'uan-ch'i (1979) 
.... aka Legend of the Mountain (1979)

and they are full of Buddhist references.

bye :))


and this is from my heart to you 
a crazy wind will stir me too and contre de la 
i am with you. 

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