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Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Tue Jul 6 21:37:05 EDT 1999

For Valerie Dhiver and anyone else wanting updates on The London Pan-Asian 
Film Festival, there is a website at:


I won't bother the list directly with information.  I'm wary giving out the 
address as it's very much a work in progress.  It gets updated every Friday. 
  Please ignore the "Asian Essay" on the site which the web designers found 
on the floppy I gave them.  It is my writing, but just a text in progress.  
More interesting are Stephen Sarrazin's recent interviews with directors 
Ishii Katsuhito and Iwai Shunji.  I'll ensure that they're better signposted 
this weekend.  I've been watching a lot of recent Korean film and I'm trying 
to find time to put an essay on the site about that ... and a little more 
background on Kim Ki-Young.

These past few days I've been happily working away on a 100+ film update of 
"The Asian Film Library Reference to Japanese Film" which will be sent out 
free-of-charge to customers.  And I'm so nostalgic for all the years spent 
in libraries working on the original.  The festival has really taken up too 
much of my time over the past 18 months...

Stephen Cremin
Director, London Pan-Asian Film Festival

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