nic roeg

Michele Faggi msp
Fri Jul 9 14:41:41 EDT 1999

Hi to everyone.

I need of some informations that are not related to Japanese cinema, but i
hope that someone can help me.

I'm working on an university paper to graduate in history of cinema.

I'm working on film noir through a key that develop a discourse about genre
an it's end as a genre.

The paper is mainly about the work of Nicolas roeg, but starts from two
movies by edgar g. ulmer and ends to analyze noir structures in Atom egoyan

I'd like to know if there's a discussion list about noir movies (american

Or about nic roeg in particular.

Many times ago i've found on internet a sort of association of an european
university that study about Nic roeg works.

I've lost that address !

someone out there knows something about this ?

thanks again..and sorry for this not-japanese intermission :)))


and this is from my heart to you 
a crazy wind will stir me too and contre de la 
i am with you. 

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