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Screening the past, issue 7


The latest issue of Screening the past is now available at


This special documentary issue contains a number of articles based on 
delivered at the Stirling Documentary Conference earlier this year,

* Theory into practice: Stanley Hawes and the Commonwealth Film Unit, by 
Bertrand. (Thi article includes a quicktime video clip from "The Queen in
* A national, historical perspective on documentary in Denmark, by Rasmus
* Soho Square and Bennett Park: the documentary movement in Britain in the
1930's, by John Gray.
* John Grierson and the public relations industry in Britain, by Jacqui
* P?u R?a/Paul Rotha and the politics of translation, by Abe Mark 
* John Grierson in South Africa: Afrikaaner nationalism and the National
Film Board by Keyan G Tomaselli & Edwin Hees.
* Between empire and nation: Grierson in Australia, by Deane Williams.

In the "Classics" section you will find Reports written by John Grierson 
the governments of Australia and South Africa. and in the reviews section:

* Felicity Collins reviews Cari Beauchamp, Without lying down. Frances
Marion and the powerful women of early Hollywood.
* Blair Davis and Paul Heyer review Michael Anderegg, Orson Welles,
Shakespeare, and Popular Culture.
* Helen Grace reviews Mikhail Iampolski, The memory of Tiresias:
intertextuality and film.
* John Frow reviews Andrew Horton & Stuart Y.McDougal (editors), Play it
again, Sam: retakes on remakes.
* Peter Hughes reviews John Corner, The art of record : a critical
introduction to documentary, Derek Paget, No other way to tell it:
dramadoc/docudrama on television and William Rothman, Documentary film
* Bill Krohn reviews Camille Paglia, The birds and Evan Hunter, Me and
* Arthur Lindley reviews Robin Wood, Sexual politics and narrative film:
Hollywood and beyond.
* Harriet Margolis reviews David Lascelles, 80 turbulent years: the
Paramount theatre Wellington 1917-1997 and Celluloid dreams: a century of
film in New Zealand.
* Michael Paris reviews Tony Barta (editor), Screening the Past: Film and
the Representation of History
* Terrie Waddell reviews Linda S. Kauffman, Bad girls and sick boys:
fantasies in contemporary art and culture.
* Peter B. White reviews Tom Standage, The Victorian Internet : The
Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-Line

The archive section of Screening the past is now fully functional as a
SEARCHABLE DATABASE. All Current and previous articles are now INDEXED AND
FULLY SEARCHABLE and the new titles and trailers sections are also indexed
and fully searchable. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or
comments on this new development in the journal.

The usual "Trailers" includes information on forthcoming events, calls
for papers for conferences and journals, notices and new titles.

We welcome responses from readers to any of the above.


Dr Peter Hughes
Co-editor, Screening the past

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